Hardware and software platforms

softwareAt IDLab, we bundle the research results in hardware and software platforms that are available to industry.

Unique software platforms have been built to manage wireless networks, to enrich IoT gateways, to deploy big data & cloud software, to integrate machine-learning models,  to distribute intelligence across wearables, internet-of-things, etc.

Different of these software frameworks are available as open source projects.


Feel free to contact us to discover the different frameworks, to get access to the latest releases, and to integrate the software in your innovation prototypes or products.


Read more, and discover our open source software:
LimeDS – http://limeds.intec.ugent.be
TENGU – http://tengu.intec.ugent.be
SUMO – http://sumo.intec.ugent.be

How can we help you?

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IDLab has a great network, giving us access to many researchers. It’s amazing to be able to get answers quickly from people who are pioneers in their field.”

Hans Constandt
CEO, Ontoforce

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