H2020 WiSHFUL Open Call for Experiments

The WiSHFUL project, coordinated by Ingrid Moerman from imec/UGent/IDLab, hereby announces its fourth Open Call for Experiments, targeting advanced solutions for controlling wireless networks using the WiSHFUL software platform and unified programming interfaces (UPIs), and using the facilities and hardware supported by the WiSHFUL Consortium. WiSHFUL has extended several wireless radio platforms with control plane functionality, and as such offers a unique experimentation environment for early implementation and validation of end-to-end 5G solutions that improve resource utilization through advanced reconfigurabilty of radio and network settings. WiSHFUL further provides all the experimentation tools to validate 5G solutions and can adopt new 5G technologies from external experimenters and support new technologies within a minimum amount of time. Successful proposals will receive funding, will have guaranteed access to the testbeds and obtain elaborated support by the WiSHFUL consortium.

Detailed call information (call document & proposal template) can be found at the WiSHFUL project website (see http://www.wishful-project.eu/OpenCall4).

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