Today, a majority of warehouses are not yet taking advantage of increased automated handling based on connected transport systems, tagged goods, tagged trolleys, connected workers, etc. The iMinds HYCOWARE project investigates novel wirelessly connected product offerings for people, goods and machines, encompassing systems of multiple vendors, aiming to create IoT readiness for industrial warehouses.

To achieve this, research is performed on state-of-the-art wireless communication and localization technologies, as well as hybrid solutions, in order to meet the stringent requirements in a challenging environment. Further, by leveraging on innovations in the IoT domain for embedded systems, key challenges with respect to minimal effort deployment, integration and data exchange are being tackled.

“Unlock the connected warehousing market through novel, low-cost, plug-and-produce wirelessly-connected products”



In the TRACK and RAILS ICON projects, Televic RAIL, in collaboration with IDLabs investigated how to modernise application / data management for railway fleets. Traditionally, updates to on-board train devices were handled by removing trains from operation and manually replacing on-board storage mediums, a time-consuming and error-prone endeavour.

Research in these ICON projects came up with a prototype distributed software solution for managing these applications (e.g. passenger information systems) on live rolling stock, with full support for over-the-air configuration and update handling. This system was evaluated successfully and integrated into Televic RAIL’s iSync product line, which subsequently lead to commercial deals with Eurostar, Siemens and CAF.

“Thanks to the RAILS project, the industrial consortium partners were able to rapidly bring novel agile products to the market.”
– Dirk Van Den Wouwer (Televic Rail)

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