Defining the business case

business case If the business case for your innovation project is not yet cristal clear, IDLab can support you to refine your initial ideas into a viable business concept. The goal is to give decision makers a better insight on the potential gains of the innovation, in relation to the OPEX/CAPEX investements needed to deploy to technonolgy.

Our techno-economic team aims at supporting companies by translating technological innovation into business opportunities. Techno-economic analysis and evaluation is used to extend the business models. Initial technical design, user adoption and different types of real-life constraints are used as input for our techno-economic studies. Traditional investment analysis (based on classic investment decision techniques like Net Present Value) is extended in order to allow several alternative business models to be compared, analyzing the viability of the case for each actor (multi-actor analysis).

Our techno-economic methodology has been applied to a wide variety of application domains, including the road towards Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH), the deployment of wireless community networks, eHealth systems, intelligent transport systems, smart grids, etc.

IDLab can support you with a techno-economic evaluation