Research Infrastructure (iLab.t)

Virtual Wall

Virtual Wall
  • 550+ bare metal and GPU servers
  • Fully configurable (nodes and network configuration)
  • Fast context switching
  • Remote access
  • Networking, cloud, big data and application testing and research

Wireless Testlab

  • 100+ fixed nodes and 16 robots in a 60m x20m pseudo shielded room.
  • Multiple wireless interfaces
  • IoT sensor nodes
  • User-defined and cognitive radios
  • Femtocells

RF - mmWave

  • Shielded room 8.1 x 3.9m x 3.6m for antenna testing
  • VNA 4port up to 67 GHz
  • Spectrum Analyzer up to 40 GHz with 60 GHz mixer
  • Wireless testbeds: Singalion, NI Ettus, UWB testbed

Physical Layer lab

Physical Layer lab
  • BER tester up to 50Gb/s, and custom setups up to 100Gb/s
  • Keysight 4ch 65GSa/s AWG
  • Optical spectrum analyzer: 0.6 – 1.75um
  • 70GHz sampling scope, 63GHz real-time scope
  • Tunable lasers for O-, C- and L-band


  • Actual standalone house
  • Mix of available IoT and connected technologies
  • User-cocreation space
  • Supporting software tools for integration and interoperability


  • Office iGent location
  • 3 Floors equipped with 40+ Intel NUC nodes
  • Several WiFi and sensor technologies
  • Distributed intelligence over 150+ nodes in real Office environment

Smart Spaces

Smart Spaces
  • Real life environments equipped with IoT infrastructure
  • Connected Stadium – AAGent
  • Public domain – interaction with citizens – De Krook


CityLab R&D infrastructure
  • R&D infrastructure in city environment of Antwerp
  • 100+ gateways for wireless connectivity and data processing in the city
  • Large-scale and environmental testing possible

Industrial IoT Lab

Industrial IoT Lab
  • Industrial IoT testbed for production and warehousing R&D
  • Flexible production area with industrial robotic arms and AGVs
  • Warehouse and logistics area for navigation and indoor localization
  • Highly configurable IoT wireless and localization infrastructure
  • Fast connectivity to an advanced data-center and GPU cluster


  • +150 GPUs
  • 700.000 cuda cores, 3TB GPU RAM
  • job-based GPU processing
  • jupyterhub access
  • AI and data processing research


Art and Science Interaction Lab (ASIL)
  • Audio wave field synthesis system
  • Compelling visualization solutions (head-mounted displays and 4k projection)
  • Multi-person full-body motion capture
  • Synchronized electroencephalogram (EEG), eye-tracking, EMG and skin conductance sensors

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