Smart Spaces

A number of Smart Spaces are under development. These Smart Spaces are locations or buildings equipped with IoT devices, such as schools, residential care settings, public buildings. The roll out and early testing of new smart services is supported by the iLab.t team together with involved communities. Some examples are given below.

Connected Stadium

Since it was officially opened in 2013, the Ghelamco Arena is known for its innovative character. The resident soccer club AA Gent wants to take it one step further by making the stadium connected to enable a wide variety of new services that benefit all occupants. In collaboration with iLab.t the possibilities are being extended further.

Krook Library

The Krook is the new hotspot in the Ghent city area for the public. The building holds the public library facilities and the office space for UGent and imec-Gent. The Krook offers a space for interaction and co-innovation with the public. Over 300 sensor nodes are deployed over the six levels of the building, allowing for data collection on air quality, temperature, humidity.

Smart Residential Care

Within the smart residential care track two residential care settings in the Ghent area are involved in the development and testing of interactive, automated support for personalized care services. Sensor-driven and context aware social robotics is being investigated as to support the care for people with dementia. Complex and multi-source patient centric information handling is pursued to develop optimum care services


  • ICON Wonder: Interactive, Automated Support for Personalized Care Services


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