Elastic cloud-based media distribution

Offering large-scale video collaboration services is challenging, as it requires large network and computing capacity. When a high level of service quality is needed, such services are often offered using physical hardware components, resulting in slow, inflexible, deployments at a high cost. Providing these services through software greatly increases flexibility, and has the potential of lowering costs, but doing so while still guaranteeing high quality and reliability is challenging and often costly, as resources must be preallocated to ensure they are available when needed.

Tackling these conflicts between quality and cost gave rise to the elastic media distribution project. Within this project, IDLabs developed elastic resource allocation algorithms, which dynamically optimize the number of allocated media processing VMs, and their location. These algorithms are designed to respond quickly to changing network environments, and exploit historical information to ensure sufficient resources are available to quickly respond to new streaming requests at a minimal cost.

Cloud Technologies

An elastic cloud computing platform for real-time and secure distribution and composition of multimedia content over shared infrastructures.

Tengu PaaS

Big data is currently one of the most important topics in both research and industry. This, unfortunately, has resulted in an explosion of technologies, software stacks and architectures, each solving a specific sub-problem of big data. To give an idea, only in the field of data stores, there are at this moment about 400 interesting and relevant different solutions available.

To evaluate and use all these different technologies, IBCN researchers have created the Tengu PaaS, which allows you to easily create big data applications by integrating different technologies and software suites. The deployment, configuration, integration and management is handled by Tengu. The researcher can immediately dive into the algorithms – the actual research. Tengu integrates with iMinds’ Virtual Wall for its physical resources and is one of the specialized Fed4FIRE testbeds.

Cloud Technologies

Tengu gets your big data framework up and running quickly, so you can focus on your actual research.

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