Cloud & Big Data Infrastructures

The need to dynamically and rapidly process an ever-increasing amount of data (Smart Cities, Internet-of-Things, etc.) is driving innovation in Cloud technology and scalable data processing architectures.

At IDLab we therefore perform both industry-applied and fundamental research on:

  • Automated setup and configuration of highly scalable and efficient distributed big data processing architectures.
  • Optimisation of multi-cloud resource usage to e.g. minimise cost, improve application resilience or provide various cost/processing speed trade-off levels.
  • Distributed application development methods and tools focussed on enhancing developer productivity and with inherent support for application reliability levels and load balancing.
  • Efficient data placement strategies (e.g. for content distribution networks).

IDLab technologies like Tengu and LimeDS are core enablers of projects like iMinds’ City Of Things, in which hundreds of city-wide deployed smart sensors transform a city into a true Internet-of-Things living lab. In this project LimeDS allows developers to focus on rapidly creating and deploying novel services over this city-wide infrastructure, while Tengu takes care of automatically configuring and instantiating the required data processing infrastructure, based on monitored load.

Big data

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