Machine Learning & Data Mining

The volume of data, that companies are gathering, is increasing rapidly. Traditional data analytic tools hit their limits. They suffer in processing realtime data, and do not easily scale towards big datasets. Novel algorithms, tools and platforms, such as SPARK, HADOOP, KAFKA, HIVE… however open new opportunities.

At IDLab, we offer the full spectrum of machine learning and artificial intelligence expertise. This covers supervised learning (classification, regression, …), unsupervised learning (clustering, data pattern recognition, …) and reinforcement learning. Deep learning networks, probabilistic generative models, reservoir computing, Q-learning are only some of the techniques we are mastering.

Our experts tackle the most complex data challenges, and differentiate with automated machine learning solutions. These solutions apply machine learning techniques to optimize the hyperparameters and to select the best machine learning model.

Datasets are often not so well suited to apply machine learning straight away. At IDLab, we have built the expertise to facilitate dimensionality reduction, outlier detection, mitigation of missing data, denoising of data, feature extraction, model selection and hyper parameterization and sensitivity analysis.

The data scientists at IDLab are internationally recognized for their machine learning insights and capabilities.

In 2016, a team of IDLab scientists finished among the winners of US 2nd National Data Science Bowl (on, with a machine learning algorithm to automatically determine cardiac volumes from MRI scans. In 2015, the team won the “Deep Sea” challenge , out of 1049 teams, in the 1st National Data Science Bowl.
The surrogate modeling (SUMO) toolbox for data-efficient machine learning, developed at IDLab, is worldwide recognized as state-of-the-art, and has been downloaded more than 3000 times across the globe. Licenses have been requested by players in automotive, bay-area based semi-conductor companies, etc. The toolbox can be used as an add-on to the popular simulation and design automation platforms (ANSYS, …).
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